Practice Areas

Corporate Law and Commercial transactions

Commercial law encompasses a range of topics such as corporation law, securities and deviations law, finance and banking, taxation law, trade practices law and consumer law. Our specialised commercial lawyers help our clients navigate and address issues affecting the business world. Muren Advocates LLP handles a broad range of corporate deals. Clients of the firm include banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, private equity funds, property companies, public and governmental agencies.

Debt Collection

At Muren Advocates LLP, our team of specialists has a litany of legal remedies at their disposal to pursue and convert those debtors who fail to pay. We are highly skilled at recovering value through drafting demand letters, Initiating lawsuits and obtaining orders and judgements. Our skilled debt collection specialists can utilize the legal process to assist the client satisfy the judgment obligation.

Muren Advocates LLP is proficient in    drafting sound settlement agreement in the event the parties reach an agreement for payment of the debt. We create written contracts that not only specifies the payment terms, but it may incorporate other important provisions  meant to create value for our clients

Real Estate and Conveyancing

Muren Advocates LLP assists its’ clients during land acquisition, purchase of property and registration and perfection of land title. We assist in conducting legal due diligence through title searches at the various land registries and ascertain interest in immovable and movable property and reveal any conflicting interests (if any) in registered property.

Our land services include the creation of Security Instruments and Charges, assistance with land acquisitions and dispositions and Joint Ventures, conveyancing of property and registration of Land Title.

Our real estate specialists also offer advisory services on property development and acquisitions including:

  • all aspects of real estate transactions from acquiring land, to development aspects.
  • reviewing and drafting of deeds of assignment;
  • Structuring and drafting Joint Venture arrangements
  • tenancy evictions;
  • Drafting leases;
  • litigating on property related disputes.

MUREN Advocates LLP offers wide-ranging legal services to commercial and residential real estate developers, lending institutions, governmental entities, investors, entrepreneurs, and buyers and sellers of business assets.

 Legal Compliance & Governance Audit

The top management and board of directors of any organisation is always interested in governance and compliance issues. Our top echelon Legal & Governance Audit review is to lay the groundwork for the establishment of a continuous legal compliance and prevention program wherein legal risks are significantly reduced.  Some of the legal risks are triggered by changes in strategies, goals or regulatory requirement. Others are purely external. It is vital that all legal risks are documented and strategies developed to deal with them.

Muren Advocates LLP. offers, reviews and tracks mandatory governance and compliance training among employees in a company. We help track and resolve compliance matters that are raised during governance and compliance audits.

Furthermore, our monthly newsletters keep track of regulatory issues that may come up in various industries.

Family Law

Our family law practice emphases on issues involving family relationships such as marriage, adoption, divorce, and child custody, among others. Our family law specialists represent clients in family court proceedings or in related negotiations.

Tax Law

The principal pieces of legislation governing civil tax litigation are as follows:

  • Civil Procedure Act.
  • Tax Procedures Act.
  • Tax Appeals Tribunal Act.
  • Tax Appeals Tribunal, Appeals to the High Court Rules 2015.
  • Tax Appeals Tribunal Procedure Rules 2015.
  • Court of Appeal Rules (CA Rules).
  • The principal pieces of legislation governing criminal tax litigation are as follows:
    • Criminal Procedure Code.
    • Tax Procedures Act.
    • Tax Appeals Tribunal Act.
    • Tax Appeals Tribunal, Appeals to the High Court Rules 2015.
    • Tax Appeals Tribunal Procedure Rules 2015.
    • CA Rules.

    Muren Advocates LLP has notable achievements in tax law in the following areas:

    1. Asset finance
    2. Banking and finance
    3. Corporate
    4. Indirect tax
    5. International capital markets
    6. Investment funds
    7. Real Estate
    8. Restructurings and insolvencies
    9. Structured finance
    10. Tax investigations

    MUREN Advocates LLP aims to be the “go-to” counsel for all your business’s and individual tax legal needs.

Policy & Legislative Drafting

Our firm’s demonstrable knowledge in drafting company and public policies and conversion of existing policies into legislation is undisputable. Our specialists demonstrate mastery of the key issues in the legislative process as well as demonstrate a good grasp of the fundamental principles in legislative drafting;

Muren Advocates LLP specialists have been involved in drafting several policies, regulations and bills for various county governments, parastatals and state organisations.

Transaction Advisory

Our lawyers identify issues for purchase price reductions, deal structuring or deal termination. We partner with other specialists including accounting firms, correlate financial due diligence findings with client valuations and price negotiations.

We have assisted organizations evaluate and navigate corporate transactions, with services that include business modeling, M&A, and valuations.

Capital markets:

Our team at Muren Advocates LLP. works across M & A, equity capital and venture capitalists.  Our role includes running the organisation’s operations within the stipulated and often stringent timelines.

Contract Drafting, Negotiation and Review

MUREN Advocates LLP offers legal advisory that helps our clients understand the meaning of proposed contract language to enable them make informed choices.

We assist navigate contracts for sale and purchase, license products or activities, for employment agreements, for insurance agreements and more. Muren Advocates LLP will help you review, draft and negotiate contracts and make these transactions happen smoothly and without any misunderstandings. We will handle the aspects of the contracts and help you conduct your affairs confidently. When there are contract disputes, we help our clients resolve these disputes favorably. At each stage, our specialised contract lawyers will help businesses and individuals perform transactions in a sound and beneficial way.

Litigation Management.

After drafting contracts, the second most important legal function is managing (and preventing) litigation, which is possibly the biggest waste of time and money most companies face.  MUREN Advocates LLP is well poised to handle your legal concerns, be it demand letters and litigation while you concentrate on the most important aspects of your business. “Risky” litigation matters, i.e., cases where stakes are very high can paralyse an organization. For example, an excessive award by a court of law can occasion cash flow problems in an organization. We can help you ensure you that your matters are given utmost care and diligence to put your best case forward.

Our litigation lawyers have handled litigation, both criminal and civil matters in Tribunals, Magistrate Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and up to the Supreme court level and are well versed in ensuring that your case is presented in the best light within the purview of the law.

Immigration Law

We provide specialist legal advisory in the field of immigration law including visas, temporary residence in all classifications such as education (study), work, business, business permits, residence permits, determinations of citizenship status.

We have previously represented clients in matters related to the Kenyan immigration laws.

Our immigration specialists can help individuals, families, and businesses navigate those various and often complex immigration pathways. A person’s immigration status might impact and intersect with other legal matters too, such as family law, criminal law, business, and tax law.

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property is a valuable intangible asset that should be protected to enhance your businesses’ competitive advantage in the market place.

Muren Advocates LLP’s intellectual property specialists help protect and enforce rights of the creators and owners of logos, brand names, inventions, writing, music, designs and other creative works which are creations of the human intellect and mind. Our primary roles include obtaining and registration of copyrights, trademarks, patents and trade secrets.

Procurement Law

Public procurement law regulates the purchasing by public sector bodies and certain utility sector bodies of contracts for goods, works and services.

We assist entities and help draft, negotiate and review contracts. We have also represented suppliers and organisations in procurement appeal matters involving awards procedures, exclusions and the legal remedies available in procurement processes

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Muren Advocates LLP employs an array of ADR methods that are carefully employed. If nothing else, our specialists’ familiarity with ADR methods cause us to seriously think about available dispute resolution at an earlier stage of any disagreement. We engage our client’s participation as early and completely as possible. Handled with sufficient skill, ADR can bring an adversary into the endeavor as well, as all parties join in a non- antagonistic exploration for a reciprocally favorable result.

The most common forms of ADR are arbitration, mediation, negotiation among others although techniques can be combined to form hybrids suited to a particular dispute or legal jurisdiction. 

The decision to seek arbitration is sometimes made after a conflict has arisen, but much more often the parties have a clause in their contract committing them to arbitration of disputes arising from their business together. In labor relations, arbitration agreements are usually included as the crowning top of the grievance procedures specified in the collective bargaining contract. In theory, arbitration rules are up to the disputants to decide, but in practice most adopt the procedures governed by the Constitution of Kenya 2010, the Arbitration Act 1995 and the Nairobi Centre for International Arbitration Act 2013. The Arbitration Act applies to both domestic and international arbitration, governing proceedings and enforcement of the awards. Our specialised and qualified arbitrators will help you navigate the arbitration process.

Employment and Labour Law/ Industrial Relations

We provide legal advice on the legal requirements that govern the employer-employee relationship. We ensure to provide practical commercial responses to employment and labour relations concerns. This includes preparation of employments contracts and in the case of dispute during the sustenance of the contract, legal advice to resolve such disputes.

We have also successfully represented our clients in matters stemming from such disputes.

Strategic projects. 

Typically, there is at least one strategic project or initiative going on inside a busy company and corporate environment.  It may be a big technology implementation, it might be a cost savings initiative, preparing a succession plan or “three-year” strategic plan.  Regardless of what it is, if it’s important enough it’s worth getting the legal and regulatory perspective and tracking the progress. Muren Advocates LLP helps in legal advisory and tracking the implementation of contract management tools.