Practice Areas

1. Litigation;

The partners have 35 years cumulative experience as litigation advocates. The specialty of the firm is litigating civil, commercial disputes, land and environment, labour disputes, human rights law, family law including succession and children’s matters, criminal law including economic crimes, penal offences, SGVB offences, Juvenile matters, Statutory offences and Electoral Offences.

2. Real Estate and Conveyancing

The firm provides conveyancing services including lease agreements, sale agreements, mortgage and other conveyancing transactions

3. International Human rights;-

JC&Co Advocates are well equipped to offer training, capacity building on human rights and mainstreaming HRBA, human rights assessment, engagement with International human rights mechanisms, women’s rights including on Gender Based Violence and matters related to Sexual and Gender Based Violence.

4. Corporate Governance;-

The partners have immense experience in corporate governance and offer training and capacity building on good corporate governance. Mrs. Aluda has served as Board Member of the Interpol Fisheries Crimes Working Group where she spearheaded combating human trafficking at the sea. She also served as a Board Member at the Federation of Women Lawyers-Kenya (FIDA-K).

Ms. Ogangah is currently serving as a Board Member at the Federation of Women Lawyers-Kenya      (FIDA-K) and is a Board Member of Animix Kenya LTD and Eagle Chemicals LTD.

5. Alternative Dispute Resolution

JC &Co Advocates first gives you the opportunity to explore alternatives to court process and these includes but not limited to mediation, arbitration, conciliation and alternatives to prosecution such as diversion, plea bargaining and deferred prosecution agreements. I this regard, the outcome of the dispute is participatory and in the interest of the clients we serve.

6. Corporate Social Responsibility

As a way of giving back to the society, the firm offers free legal aid to our clients only on various legal matters every first Friday of the month. The service is available for unemployed persons or persons with no source of income and for children in conflict with the law.

We also offer probono talks legal talks to religious institutions, hospitals and other education facilities on request.

7. Mentorship

At JC& Co Advocates, we believe in the growth for young professionals hence building their capacity is our utmost priority. In this regard, we take in young legal professionals and we mentor them in matters law and practice.